Proceedings of A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute

Dedicated to the 120th birthday anniversary of academician N. Muskhelishvili

Table of Contents, v. 155, 2011

Academician Niko Muskhelishvili
L. Aghalovyan.
Fractional On One Class of Three-Dimensional Problems of Elasticity Theory for Plates, 155 (2011), 1-8 (pdf)   
R. Bantsuri and G. Kapanadze.
On One Problem of Finding an Equally Strong Contour for a Square Which Is Weakened by a Hole and by Cuttings at Vertices, 155 (2011), 9-16 (pdf)
G. Barsegian.
On the Geometry of Curves and Functions, 155 (2011), 17-37 (pdf)
S. Kukudzhanov.
On Free and Forced Oscillations of Pretwisted Long Orthotropic Cylindrical Shells, 155 (2011), 39-53 (pdf)
S. M. Mkhitaryan.
On Complex Potentials and on the Application of Related to Them M. G. Krein'S Two Integral Equations in Mixed Problems of Continuum Mechanics, 155 (2011), 55-72 (pdf)
K. Svanadze.
olution of a Mixed Boundary Value Problem of the Plane Theory of Elastic Mixture for a Multiply Connected Domain with a Partially Unknown Boundary Having the Axis of Symmetry, 155 (2011), 73-90 (pdf)


Reports of Annual Scientific Conference of A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute,
I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
(29.11 - 3.12, 2010)
The Conference was dedicated to the 120th birthday anniversary of
Academician Niko Muskhelishvili

G. Berikelashvili and M. Mirianashvili.
Finite Difference Schemes for Benjamin-Bona-Mahony Equation, 155 (2011), 93-95 (pdf)
L. Castro and D. Kapanadze.
Wave Diffraction by a 270 Degrees Wedge Sector with Dirichlet, Neumann and Impedance Boundary Conditions, 155 (2011), 96-99 (pdf)
O. Chkadua, S. Mikhailov and D. Natroshvili.
Localized Boundary-Domain Integral Equation Method for the Dirichlet Boundary Value Problems for Second Order Elliptic Equations with Variable Coefficients, 155 (2011), 100-102 (pdf)
R. Duduchava.
Continuing Functions from a Hypersurface with the Boundary, 155 (2011), 103-109 (pdf)
O. Dzagnidze.
Integration of Double Fourier Trigonometric Series,155 (2011), 110-112 (pdf)
A. Gachechiladze, R. Gachechiladze and D. Natroshvili.
Boundary Contact Problems with Friction of Dynamics for Hemitropic Elastic Solids, 155 (2011), 113-116 (pdf)
J. Gvazava.
On Mean-Value Property for Hyperbolic Equations, 155 (2011), 117-118 (pdf)
Hv. Inassaridze T. Kandelaki and R. Meyer.
Localisation and Colocalisation of Triangulated Categories and Equivariant KK-Theory, 155 (2011), 119-125 (pdf)
O. Jokhadze.
The Cauchy Problem for One-Dimensional Wave Equations with Nonlinear Dissipative and Damping Terms, 155 (2011), 126-130 (pdf)
T. Kadeishvili.
Twisting Elements $da=a\smile_1a$, 155 (2011), 131-134 (pdf)
A. Kharazishvili.
On Ordinary Differential Equations with Bad Right-Hand Sides, 155 (2011), 135-137 (pdf)
A. Kharazishvili.
Some Discrete Geometric Structures and Associated Algorithms, 155 (2011), 138-144 (pdf)
S. Kharibegashvili.
On the Global Solvability of the Cauchy Characteristic Problem for One Class of Nonlinear Second Order Hyperbolic Systems, 155 (2011), 145-146 (pdf)
G. Khimshiashvili.
Extremal Problems on Moduli Spaces of Mechanical Linkages, 155 (2011), 147-151 (pdf)
I. Kiguradze.
Some Nonlocal Problems for Higher Order Singular Ordinary Differential Equations, 155 (2011), 152-153 (pdf)
V. Kokilashvili and V. Paatashvili.
The Dirichlet Problem for Harmonic Functions from Variable Exponent Smirnov Classes in Domains with a Piecewise Smooth Boundary, 155 (2011), 154-157 (pdf)
N. Partsvania.
Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems for Two--Dimensional Linear Differential Systems with Strong Singularities, 155 (2011), 158-161 (pdf)
Sh. Tetunashvili.
On Divergence of Fourier Trigonometric Series by Some Methods of Summability with Variable Orders, 155 (2011), 162-164 (pdf)