Proceedings of Tbilisi A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute

Table of Contents, v. 152, 2010

R. Akgn.
Sharp Jackson And Converse Theorems of Trigonometric Approximation in Weighted Lebesgue Spaces, 152 (2010), 1-18 (pdf)
Yu-Ming Chu and Wei-Feng Xia.
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Schur Harmonic Convexity of the Generalized Muirhead Mean, 152 (2010), 19-27 (pdf)
L. Ephremidze and E. Lagvilava.
Remark on Outer Analytic Matrix-Functions, 152 (2010), 29-32 (pdf)
E. V. Guliyev and M. N. Omarova.
Some Embeddings into the Morrey Spaces on the Laguerre hypergroup, 152 (2010), 33-41 (pdf)
T. Kemoklidze.
The Lattice of Fully Invariant Subgroups of a Reduced Cotorsion Group, 152 (2010), 43-58 (pdf)
N. Koblishvili, Z. Sanikidze and M. Zakradze.
On Approximate Solving of Some Dynamic Problems of Elasticity Theory, 152 (2010), 59-71 (pdf)
A. Kopezhanova, E. Nursultanov and L.-E. Persson.
Relations Between Summability of The Fourier Coefficients in Regular Systems and Functions from Some Lorentz Type Spaces, 152 (2010), 73-88 (pdf)
E. Kurtskhalia.
On One Property of a Periodic Decimal Fraction, Inverse to a Prime Number, 152 (2010), 89-100 (pdf)
Haiping Shi and Weiping Ling.
Neumann Boundary Value Problems of Second Order Nonlinear Functional Difference Equations with Jacobi Operators, 152 (2010), 101-110 (pdf)
H. G. Tananyan.
On The Uniform Solvability of Boundary Value Problems for One Class of Singularly Perturbed Regular Equations, 152 (2010), 111-128 (pdf)

Summer School and Workshop ``Harmonic Analysis and Related Topics", 152 (2010), 129 (pdf)


A. Kharazishvili.
Piecewise Affine Approximations of Continuous Functions of Several Variables and Gale Polyhedra, 152 (2010), 133-140 (pdf, pdf.gz)
L. Kokilashvili and Ts. Tsanava.
Boundedness of Multiple Conjugate Functions and Strong Maximal Functions in Weighted Grand $L^{p)}$ Spaces, 152 (2010), 141-143 (pdf, pdf.gz)
A. Meskhi, G. Murtaza and M. Sarwar.
Two-Weight Criteria for Potentials with Product Kernels on Cones of Decreasing Functions, 152 (2010), 144-153 (pdf, pdf.gz)