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All I can offer is some math

You can also see my thesis, complete publication list and CV here.

(with D. Gabelaia)
"Explaining" the Ardeshir-Ruitenburg operatorLanguage, Logic, Computation VII (2023), 87 — 93.

One more notion of relative BooleannessProceedings of the Institute of Cybernetics of the Georgian Academy of Sciences 2 (2002), 52 — 66.

(with H.-J. Baues and T. Pirashvili)
Strengthening track theories -- arXiv preprint math.CT/0307185

(with T. Pirashvili)
Linear extensions and nilpotence of Maltsev theories -- arXiv preprint math.CT/0203084

(with T. Pirashvili)
On Kan fibrations for Maltsev algebras -- arXiv preprint math.AT/0106143

(with L. Esakia and D. Pataraia)
Scattered toposes -- Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 103 (2000), 97--107.

(with A. Elashvili and D. Pataraia)
Combinatorics of Necklaces and "Hermite Reciprocity" -- Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics 10 (1999), 173--188.

Lower Bagdomain as a Glueing -- Proc. Razmadze Math. Inst. 118 (1998), 33--41

(with A. Elashvili)
Hermite reciprocity for the regular representations of cyclic groups -- Indag. Mathem., N.S., 9 (1998), 233--238

A presentation of the initial lift-algebra -- J. Pure Appl. Algebra 116 (1997), 185--198.

(with H.-J. Baues and Andy Tonks)
Cohomology of monoids in monoidal categories -- In "Operads: Proceedings of renaissance conferences." Contemp. Math. 202, AMS 1997, 137-165

Some strange monoidal categories -- Proc. Razmadze Math. Inst. 113 (1995), 83--93.

(with T. Pirashvili)
Cohomology of algebraic theories -- J. Algebra 137 (1991), 253--296.

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