Proceedings of A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute

Table of Contents, v. 169, 2015

V. Kokilashvili and V. Paatashvili.
On the occasion of Boris Khvedelidze's 100th birthday anniversary, 169 (2015), 1-7 (pdf)   
R. Bitsadze and M. Menteshashvili.
On one nonlinear analogue of the Darboux problem, 169 (2015), 9-21 (pdf)
R. Chartolani, N. Durglishvili and Z. Kvatadze.
Optimization of a state financing model of vocational colleges, 169 (2015), 23-31 (pdf)
E. Ibrahimov.
The Jacobi transform method in approximation theory, 169 (2015), 33-82 (pdf)
K. A. Khan and J. Pečarić.
Cyclic refinement of Beck's inequalities, 169 (2015), 83-92 (pdf)
V. Kokilashvili and V. Paatashvili.
On variable exponent Hardy classes of analytic functions, 169 (2015), 93-103 (pdf)
V. Kokilashvili and V. Paatashvili.
The Riemann boundary value problem in variable exponent Smirnov class of generalized analytic functions, 169 (2015), 105-118 (pdf)
A. Meskhi.
Criteria for the boundedness of potential operators in grand Lebesgue spaces, 169 (2015), 119-132 (pdf)
B. Roy.
On slightly continuous multifunctions via generalized topology, 169 (2015), 133-140 (pdf)


Reports of the Seminar on Function Theory

V. Kokilashvili, M. Mastyło and A. Meskhi.
Multilinear fractional integrals in weighted grand Lebesgue spaces, 169 (2015), 143-153 (pdf)