Proceedings of A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute

Table of Contents, v. 161, 2013

S. Abbas and M. Benchohra.
Global asymptotic stability for nonlinear multi-delay differential equations of Fractional Order, 161 (2013), 1-13 (pdf)   
R. Akgn and V. Kokilashvili.
Some notes on trigonometric approximation of $(\alpha, \psi)$-differentiable functions in weighted variable exponent Lebesgue spaces, 161 (2013), 15-23 (pdf)
K. Bitsadze.
On divergence of multiple Fourier-Walsh and Fourier-Haar series of bounded function of several variables on Set of Measure Zero, 161 (2013), 25-45 (pdf)
D. Devadze and V. Beridze.
An optimal control problem for Helmholtz equations with Bitsadze-Samarski Boundary Conditions, 161 (2013), 47-53 (pdf)
A. Eroglu, Sh. A. Nazirova and M. Omarova.
Stein-Weiss inequalities for the Riesz potential on the Laguerre hypergroup, 161 (2013), 55-81 (pdf)
K. Gelashvili, L. Alkhazishvili, I. Khutsishvili, N. Ananiaishvili.
On the modification of heavy ball method, 161 (2013), 83-95 (pdf)
L. Horvth, K. Ali Khan and J. Pečarić.
New refinements of Hlder and Minkowski inequalities with weights, 161 (2013), 97-116 (pdf)
S. Samko.
Variable exponent Hardy and Carleman-Knopp inequalities, 161 (2013), 117-136 (pdf)