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International Workshop on Topological Methods in Logic VII


September 21-25, 2020

Tbilisi, Georgia

Venue: Ilia State University, Chavchavadze Ave. 32. [Google Map]


This is the seventh in a series of workshops dedicated to the study of topological methods in logic. The homepages of the first six workshops are available at

ToLo 1, ToLo 2, ToLo 3, ToLo 4, ToLo 5, ToLo 6

Aims and scope:

  The main purpose of the series of workshops is to gather together researchers who use topological methods in the study of logic.


Topics of the workshop:

  Semantics for Intuitionistic Logic

  Topology and Modal Logic

  Duality Theory


Workshop speakers:








Guram Bezhanishvili

(New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, USA)

Nick Bezhanishvili

(ILLC, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

David Gabelaia

(TSU Razmadze Mathematical Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia)

Mamuka Jibladze

(TSU Razmadze Mathematical Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia)

Evgeny Kuznetsov

(TSU Razmadze Mathematical Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia)

Tamar Tsopurashvili

(Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia)


The workshop is organized by the TSU Razmadze Mathematical Institute

Information about the workshop will be updated regularly.

For additional questions please contact Nick Bezhanishvili or David Gabelaia.