International Workshop on Topological Methods in Logic III

Dedicated to the memory of Dito Pataraia

July 23—27, 2012

Tbilisi, Georgia


This is the third in a series of workshops dedicated to the study of topological methods in logic. The homepages of the first two workshops are available at



Aims and scope:

The main purpose of the series of workshops is to gather together researchers who use topological methods in the study of logic.

Alongside the standard topics of TOLO, special attention will be paid to Dito Pataraia's work in Topos Theory. In addition, the first day of the workshop will be dedicated to tutorials for Dito’s students.


Tutorial speakers:

Dion Coumans

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Duality theory in modal logic

Joel Lucero-Bryan

Khalifa University

A brief introduction to topological semantics for modal logic

Yde Venema

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Modal Logic and the Vietoris functor


Topics of the workshop:

Toposes and Point-Free Topology

Topological Methods in Computer Science

Topology and Modal Logic

Duality Theory


Workshop speakers:

Phridoni Alshibaia

Tbilisi State University

On finitely valued bimodal symmetric Gödel logics

Philippe Balbiani

CNRS - Université de Toulouse

Iterated Cantor-Bendixson derivative operators: completeness and definability of a modal logic

Dion Coumans

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Canonical extension in first-order logic and Makkai's topos of types

Silvio Ghilardi

Universitŕ degli Studi di Milano

Revisiting amalgamation and strong amalgamation

Revaz Grigolia

Tbilisi State University

On finitely generated free and projective monadic Gödel algebras

Peter Johnstone

University of Cambridge

Hochas and minimal toposes

Andrey Kudinov

Moscow State University

On modal logic of product of neighborhood frames

Ramaz Liparteliani

Tbilisi State University

Unification in finite MV-algebras with constants

Tadeusz Litak

University of Leicester

Guarded (co-)recursion, intuitionistic modal logics and scattered toposes

Joel Lucero-Bryan

Khalifa University

Some modal logics arising from subspaces of the real line

Ilya Shapirovsky

Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Moscow

Modal logics of Hamming spaces and products of Kripke frames

Valentin Shehtman

Moscow State University

Derivational modal logics with the difference modality

Sumit Sourabh

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Order theoretic Correspondence for Intuitionistic mu-calculus

Levan Uridia

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid

Pataraia's Fixpoint Theorem

Yde Venema

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Modal and Coalgebraic Lindstroem Theorems

Marek Zawadowski

Universytet Warszawski

Categories of equational theories




Guram Bezhanishvili

(New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, USA)

Nick Bezhanishvili

(Imperial College, London, UK)

David Gabelaia

(TSU Razmadze Mathematical Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia)

Mamuka Jibladze

(TSU Razmadze Mathematical Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia)


The workshop is organized by the TSU Razmadze Mathematical Institute, supported by the Rustaveli Foundation grant  #FR/489/5-105/11 and hosted by the hotel VIP Victoria.




Getting around in Tbilisi


For additional questions please contact Guram Bezhanishvili or David Gabelaia.