International Workshop on Topological Methods in Logic

June 3—5, 2008

Tbilisi, Georgia


Aims and scope:

The main purpose of the workshop is to gather together researchers who use topological methods in the study of logic. The main emphasis of the workshop will be on the duality theory, as well as on the use of topological methods in modal logic and computer science.



Topological Methods in Computer Science

Topology and Modal Logic

Stone-Like Dualities

Point-Free Topologies



Sergei Artemov,

City University of New York, USA –

On the topology of justification

Guram Bezhanishvili,

New Mexico State University, USA –

A new representation of distributive and implicative semilattices

Nick Bezhanishvili,

University of Leicester, UK and

Razmadze Mathematical Institute, Georgia –


Bitopological duality for distributive lattices and Heyting algebras

Leo Esakia,

Razmadze Mathematical Institute, Georgia –

Topological semantics of provability logic and related modal systems

Georges Hansoul,

University of Liθge, Belgium –

Primitive boolean spaces and their d-semantics

Ian Hodkinson,

Imperial College, UK –

Some open problems on relation algebras and cylindric algebras

Ramon Jansana,

University of Barcelona, Spain –

Duality theory for distributive and implicative semilattices

Mamuka Jibladze,

Razmadze Mathematical Institute, Georgia –

Almost Alexandroff topologies

Peter Jipsen,

Chapman University, USA –

Embedding theorems for normal divisible residuated lattices

Achim Jung,

University of Birmingham, UK –

3 = 4 ?

Roman Kontchakov,

Birkbeck College, UK –

Topology, connectedness, and modal logic

Andrew Moshier,

Chapman University, USA –

Esakia duality bitopologically

Anil Nerode,

Cornell University, USA –

Update transducers

Yde Venema,

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands –

A coalgebraic perspective on the Vietoris construction



Guram Bezhanishvili

(New Mexico State University)

Leo Esakia

(Razmadze Mathematical Institute)

David Gabelaia

(Razmadze Mathematical Institute)

Mamuka Jibladze

(Razmadze Mathematical Institute)

Dimitri Pataraia

(Razmadze Mathematical Institute)


The workshop is supported by the Georgian National Science Foundation grant GNSF/ST06/3-003
and hosted by the Georgian American University, Tbilisi, Georgia

Schedule and Abstracts of the talks                        


Additional Information

For additional questions please contact Mamuka Jibladze