Otar Chkadua, Anika Toloraia

Mixed Type Boundary-Transmission Problems with Interior Cracks of the Thermo-Piezo-Electricity Theory Without Energy Dissipation

In the paper, we study mixed type interaction problem of pseudo-oscillations between thermo-elastic and thermo-piezo-elastic bodies with interior cracks. The model under consideration is based on the Green-Haghdi theory of thermo-piezo-electricity without energy dissipation. This theory permits propagation of thermal waves only with a finite speed. Using the potential theory and boundary pseudodifferential equations method, we prove the existence and uniqueness of solutions and analyze their smoothness.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 35B65, 35S15, 47G30, 74A15, 74F05, 74F15, 74G40

Key words and phrases: Thermo-piezo-electricity without energy dissipation, bodies with microstructure, transmission problem, potential method, pseudodifferential equations