Proceedings of Tbilisi A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute

Table of Contents, v. 21, 1955

A. Walfisz.
On integral points in multi-dimensional ellipsoids. The XIIth work. (Russian), 21 (1955), 3-64
V. Chelidze.
On the Cab and A-integrability of functions of two variables. (Russian), 21 (1955), 65-76
A. Jvarsheishvili.
On the generalized absolutely continuous functions of two variables. (Russian), 21 (1955), 77-110
E. Citlanadze.
On the conditional extremum of a weakly continuous functional in the Hilbert space. (Russian), 21 (1955), 111-124
E. Citlanadze.
Investigation of one class of nonlinear integrals of equations by topological analogue of direct methods. (Russian), 21 (1955), 125-143
D. Kharazov.
Some questions of the spectral theory of operators depending meromorphically on the parameter. (Russian), 21 (1955), 145-168
N. Vekua.
On one boundary value problem of linear conjugation for several unknown functions with the given displacements. (Georgian), 21 (1955), 169-189
I. Vekua.
On one method of calculation of prizmatic shells. (Russian), 21 (1955), 191-259
D. Dolidze.
On the uniqueness of the solution of the boundary value problem of viscous incompressible liquid. (Russian), 21 (1955), 261-267