(Proceedings of Tbilisi A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute)


Table of Contents, v. 110, 1994

D. Bainov, S. Milusheva, and J. Nieto.
Partially multiplicative averaging for impulsive differential equations with supremum. (English), 110 (1994), 7-18
R. Bantsuri.
Boundary value problem of the bending of plate with a partially unknown boundary. (Russian), 110 (1994), 19-26
T. Burchuladze.
Conjugate fields in the theory of elasticity. (Russian), 110 (1994), 27-50
I. Bukhnikashvili.
On polynomials with small deviations from zero and wih zero derivative at a point x = 0. (Russian), 110 (1994), 51-58
I. Vitrichenko and V. Nikolenko.
On the reduction of a linear nonautonomous system to quasi block-triangular (diagonal) form in the case of the multiple zero eigenvalue of the limit matrix of coefficients. (Russian), 110 (1994), 59-66
D. Gelashvili.
On the solvability of some three-dimensional initial boundary value problems of the generalized theory of thermal couple-stress elasticity. (Russian), 110 (1994), 67-82
O. Jokhadze.
The Cauchy problem on the whole for quasilinear hyperbolic equations ux*x + f1(ux)*f2(uy)*uxy = 0. (Russian), 110 (1994), 83-90
O. Meunargia.
Some effectively factorizable matrix-functions. (Russian), 110 (1994), 91-98
I. Sakhokia, R. Sulikashvili, and E. Elerdashvili.
On libration points in the problem of three bodies. (Russian), 110 (1994), 99-108
O. Shindjikashvili.
The problem of pressure of a punch on inhomogeneous half-plane free from friction. (Russian), 110 (1994), 109-116
O. Shindjikashvili.
Inhomogeneous half-plane with a semi-infinite stringer along the boundary. (Russian), 110 (1994), 117-125


Table of Contents, v. 111, 1994

S. Saneblidze.
Perturbation and obstruction theories in fibre spaces. (Russian), 111 (1994), 5-106


Table of Contents, v. 112, 1997

I. Genebashvili.
Weak Type Weighted Inequalities for Iterated Maximal Functions and the Weighted Spaces L(1 + log+L)k, 112 (1997), 3-22
A. Gogatishvili.
Two-Weight Mixed Inequalities in Orlicz Classes for Fractional Maximal Functions Defined on Homogeneous Type Spaces, 112 (1997), 23-56
V. Kokilashvili and A. Meskhi.
Two-Weight Inequalities for Singular Integrals Defined on Homogeneous Groups, 112 (1997), 57-90
A. Meskhi.
Two-Weight Inequalities for Potentials Defined on Homogeneous Groups, 112 (1997), 91-112
Vjacheslav S. Rychkov.
Some Weighted Hardy-Type Inequalities and Applications, 112 (1997), 113-132


M. Khabazi.
Metric Properties of Fourier Series in Weighted Function Classes, 112 (1997), 133-137
V. Kokilashvili and A. Meskhi.
Two-Weight Inequalities for the Hardy Operator on the Lorentz Spaces Defined on Homogeneous Groups, 112 (1997), 138-140
V. Kokilashvili.
On Two-Weight Inequalities for Conjugate Functions, 112 (1997), 141-142
V. Kokilashvili and A. Meskhi.
Two-Weight Inequalities for Singular Integrals on the Lorentz Spaces Defined on Homogeneous Groups, 112 (1997), 143-145
L. Kokilashvili.
On Non-Oscillatory :Differential: Equations, 112 (1997), 146-147
A. Meskhi.
Two-Weight Inequalities for Potentials on the Lorenz Spaces Defined on Homogeneous Groups, 112 (1997), 148-150


Table of Contents, v. 113, 1995

T. Datuashvili.
Whitehead homotopy equivalence and internal category equivalence of crossed modules in categories of groups with operations, 113 (1995), pp. 3-30.
J. Gubeladze.
Geometric and algebraic representations of commutative cancellative monoids, 113 (1995), pp. 31-81.
M. Jibladze.
Some strange monoidal categories, 113 (1995), pp. 83-93.
T. Kandelaki.
K-Theory of Z2-graded banach categories. II, 113 (1995), pp. 95-119.
Z. Mushkudiani.
K2-Groups of monoid algebras over regular rings, 113 (1995), pp. 121-137.
V. Nikolaishvili.
On differential forms of infinite degrees. I, 113 (1995), pp. 139-153.
D. Zangurashvili.
On some categorical algebraic properties of functor categories. II, 113 (1995), pp. 155-172.


Table of Contents, v. 114, 1997

K. Aptsiauri.
On the Generalized Riemann-Hilbert-Poincaré Problem in Domains with Piecewise Smooth Boundaries. (English), 114 (1997), 3-26
O. Dzagnidze.
Total Differential of the Indefinite Lebesgue Integral. (English), 114 (1997), 27-34
L. Ephremidze.
On Approximate Factorization of the Spectral Measures of Stationary Processes. (English), 114 (1997), 35-38
L. Mamulashvili.
Generalized Problem of Riemman on Domains with Piecewise-Smooth Boundary. (English), 114 (1997), 39-58
A. Meskhi.
Koosis Type Theorems for Singular Integrals and Potentials Defined on Homogenous Groups. (English), 114 (1997), 59-70
V. A. Paatashvili and G. A. Khuskivadze.
On the Inclusion of the Cauchy Type Integrals into the Smirnov's Classes. (English), 114 (1997), 71-80
V. A. Paatashvili and G. A. Khuskivadze.
On Conformal Mapping of Simply Connected Domains with a Piecewice Smooth Boundary. (English), 114 (1997), 81-88
A. Saginashvili
Singular Integral Operators with Shift Outside the Integration Contour. (English), 114 (1997), 89-98
Sh. Tetunashvili.
On the Convergence of Multiple Trigonometric Series. (English), 114 (1997), 99-106


O. Dzagnidze.
Associated Integrals, Functions, Series and a Radial Derivative of the Poisson Spherical Integral. (English), 114 (1997), 107-111
A. Gogatishvili.
Maximal Functions and Singular Integrals on Lp, j-Spaces. (English), 114 (1997), 112-115
R. Katamadze.
On Poincare Problem for a Finite Riemann Surface. (English), 114 (1997), 116-118
V. Kokilashvili and A. Meskhi.
Two-weight Inequalities for Hardy Type Transforms and Singular Integrals Defined on Homogeneous Type Spaces. (English), 114 (1997), 119-123
V. Paatashvili and G. Khuskivadze.
On the Continuity of the Cauchy Operator from the Space Lp(G) to Lq(G) for p > q ³ 1. (English), 114 (1997), 124-125


Table of Contents, v. 115, 1997

R. Chitashvili.
On the Nonexistence of a Strong Solution in the Boundary Problem for a Sticky Brownian Motion. (English), 115 (1997), 17-32
O. Glonti and Z. Khechinashvili.
Financial (B, S)-Market with Gaussian Martingale. Mean Square Optimal Hedging Strategies. (English), 115 (1997), 33-44
Yu. Kutoyants.
On Semiparametric Estimation for Ergodic Diffusion. (English), 115 (1997), 45-58
N. Lazrieva and T. Toronjadze.
Robust Estimators in Discrete Time Statistical Models. Contiguous Alternatives. (English), 115 (1997), 59-96
N. Lazrieva and T. Toronjadze.
Influence Functionals for Discrete Time Statistical Models. Weakely Contiguous Alternatives. (English), 115 (1997), 97-120
M. Mania.
Derivation of a Generalized Black-Sholes Equation. (English), 115 (1997), 121-148
T. Sharia.
Truncated Recursive Estimation Procedure. (English), 115 (1997), 149-159


Table of Contents, v. 116, 1998

N. Berikashvili.
Zur Homologietheorie der Faserungen I. (English), 116 (1998), 1-30
N. Berikashvili.
Zur Homologietheorie Von Faserungen II. (English), 116 (1998), 31-100
L. Ephremidze, G. Janashia, and E. Lagvilava.
On the Factorization of Unitary Matrix-Functions. (English), 116 (1998), 101-106
I. Gabisonija and A. Meskhi.
Two-Weighted Inequalities for a Discrete Hilbert Transform. (English), 116 (1998), 107-122
G. Khuskivadze and V. Paatashvili.
On the Conformal Mapping of a Circle Onto a Domain with an Arbitrary Piecewise Smooth Boundary. (English), 116 (1998), 123-132
O. Purtukhia.
On the Representation of Measure-Valued Solutions of Second Order Stochastic Parabolic Equations. (English), 116 (1998), 133-158


Table of Contents, v. 117, 1998

G. Berikelashvili.
The Difference Schemes of High Order Accuracy for Elliptic Equations with Lower Derivatives. (English), 117 (1998), 1-6
D. Edmunds, V. Kokilashvili and A. Meskhi.
Boundedness and Compactness of Hardy-type Operators in Banach Function Spaces. (English), 117 (1998), 7-30
N. Inassaridze.
Relationship of Non-abelian Tensor Products and Non-abelian Homology of Groups with Whitehead's Gamma Functor. (English), 117 (1998), 31-52
T. Kadeishvili.
Attaching Cells and the Rational Homotopy Type. (English), 117 (1998), 53-70
G. Khuskivadze.
Application of an Extension of the Lebesgue Integral to the Investigation of a Boundary Value Problem of Linear Conjugation. (English), 117 (1998), 71-78
O. Shindzhikashvili.
On an Application of the Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable to the Plane Problem of Non-homogeneous Theory of Elasticity. (English), 117 (1998), 79-88
Z. Tsigroshvili.
Some Notes on Goodness-of-fit Tests and Innovation Martingales. (English), 117 (1998), 89-102
Z. Omiadze.
II-Categories. Identity 1-Arrow Retracts, Coretracts and Isomorphic 1-Arrows. (English), 117 (1998), 103-122


D. E. Edmunds and V. Kokilashvili.
Two-weight Compactness Criteria for Potential type Operators. (English), 117 (1998), 123-125
A. Meskhi.
Boundedness and Compactness Weighted Criteria for Riemann-Liouville and One-sided Maximal Operators. (English), 117 (1998), 126-128
K. Gelashvili.
Convergence Criterion for Cµ(Rn) in the Topology of Compact Convergence of All Derivatives. (English), 117 (1998), 129-130
M. Okropiridze.
Symmetric Differentiability of Functions of Two Variables. (English), 117 (1998), 131-134
A. Alimov.
The Number of Connected Components of Chebishev Sets and "Sun's" Complement. (English), 117 (1998), 135-136
N. Antonov.
The Convergence Almost Everywhere of Fourier Series. (English), 117 (1998), 137-138
L. Ephremidze.
On Reverse Weak (1, 1) Type Inequalities for the Maximal Operators with Respect to an Arbitrary Measure. (English), 117 (1998), 139-140
W. Farkas.
Atomic and Subatomic Decompositions in Anisotropic Function Spaces. (English), 117 (1998), 141-143
I. Gabisonija.
Two-weight Inequalities for Discrete Operators. (English), 117 (1998), 144-146
U. Goginava.
On the Convergence and Summability of Multiple Fourier-Walsh Series in Lp([0, 1]N), p Î [1, ] Spaces. (English), 117 (1998), 147-149
A. Meskhi.
Weighted Inequalities for Riemann-Liouville Transform. (English), 117 (1998), 150-152
V. Rychkov.
Existence of Linear Extension Operator for Traces of Function Spaces on Irregular Domains. (English), 117 (1998), 153-154
M. Okropiridze.
Radial Limits of Derivatives of the Spherical Poisson Integral. (English), 117 (1998), 155-156
G. Oniani.
On Upper and Lower Derivatives of Lebesgue Integral. (English), 117 (1998), 157-159
Sh. Tetunashvili.
On Some Properties of Multiple Trigonometric Series. (English), 117 (1998), 160-161


Table of Contents, v. 118, 1998

Academician Giorgi Chogoshvili.
, 118 (1998), 1-2
C. Bardaro, J. Musielak and G. Vinti.
Some modular inequalities related to the Fubini-Tonelli theorem. (English), 118 (1998), 3-19
G. Berikelashvili.
On the rate of convergence of the difference solution of the bending problem of the orthotropic plates. (English), 118 (1998), 21-32
M. Jibladze.
Lower bagdomain as a glueing. (English), 118 (1998), 33-41
E. Khmaladze.
On cohomology monoids of small categories. (English), 118 (1998), 43-51
G. Khuskivadze.
On the derivative of a conformally mapping function. (English), 118 (1998), 53-64
S. Kukudzhanov.
Eigenoscillations of preliminarily twisted shells of revolution close to cylindrical ones. (English), 118 (1998), 65-72
N. Lazrieva and T. Toronjadze.
Robust estimators in statistical models associated with semimartingales. (English), 118 (1998), 73-100
G. Lomadze.
On some entire modular forms of half-integral weight for the congruence group G0(4N). (English), 118 (1998), 101-109
B. Magradze.
Analytic approach to perturbative quantum chromodynamics and the Lambert w function. (English), 118 (1998), 111-115
M. Nowak.
Mackey topologies of Orlicz-Bochner spaces. (English), 118 (1998), 117-126
M. Okropiridze.
Symmetrically continuous functions of two variables. (English), 118 (1998), 127-134
M. Shashiashvili.
On the excursion intervals away from the boundary for the reflected Brownian motions . (English), 118 (1998), 135-146
O. Shindzhikashvili.
On one contact problem of the non-homogeneous theory of elasticity. (English), 118 (1998), 147-157


Table of Contents, v. 119, 1999

Corresponding Member of Georgian Academy of Sciences
Nodar Berikashvili.
, 119 (1999), 1-2
G. Berikelashvili.
On the solvability of a nonlocal boundary value problem in the weighted sobolev spaces. (English), 119 (1999), 3-11
G. Donadze.
Cyclic homology of smooth algebras containing Z. (English), 119 (1999), 13-20
A. Elashvili and M. Jibladze.
''Hermite reciprocity'' for semi-invariants in the regular representations of cyclic groups. (English), 119 (1999), 21-24
R. Gachechiladze and O. Maisaia.
Some boundary value problems of the couple-stress elasticity with frictions. (English), 119 (1999), 25-41
T. Gelashvili and A. Lashkhi.
Coset Lattices and the Fundamental Theorem of Affine Geometry for Lie Algebras. (English), 119 (1999), 43-58
J. Huebschmann.
Berikashvili's functor D and the deformation equation. (English), 119 (1999), 59-72
T. Kadeishvili.
DG Hopf Algebras with Steenrods I-th Coproducts, 119 (1999), 73-84
G. Kalyabin.
On extrapolations with minimal norms in bernstein classes. (English), 119 (1999), 85-92
S. Khazhomia and M. Mikiashvili.
On singular homology theory which is based on a family of convex polyhedra. (English), 119 (1999), 93-110
G. Khimshiashvili.
On one class of exact poisson structures. (English), 119 (1999), 111-120
V. Lomadze.
Time-varying linear dynamical systems. (English), 119 (1999), 121-132
T. Meunargia.
On one method of construction of geometrically and physically nonlinear theory of non-shallow shells. (English), 119 (1999), 133-154
S. Saneblidze.
On the homotopy classification of spaces by the fixed loop space homology. (English), 119 (1999), 155-164


Table of Contents, v. 120, 1999

R. Chitashvili and M. Mania.
Stochastic Line Integrals with Respect to Local Martingales and Semimartingales. (English), 120 (1999), 1-26
A. Dzhishkariani and G. Khvedelidze.
Projective-iterative Method of Solution of Integral Equations. (English), 120 (1999), 27-47
L. Ephremidze.
On Approximate Factorization of Positively Definite Matrix Functions of Second Order. (English), 120 (1999), 49-56
K. Gelashvili.
Rays and Their Algebraic-limiting Properties in a Monoid of Special Type. (English), 120 (1999), 57-106
N. Samko.
Singular Integral Operators in Weighted Spaces with Generalized Hölder Condition. (English), 120 (1999), 107-134
N. Shavlakadze.
On Singularities of Contact Stress Upon Tension and Bending of Plates with Elastic Inclusions. (English), 120 (1999), 135-147
Sh. Tetunashvili.
On Absolute Convergence of Trigonometric Series. (English), 120 (1999), 149-151
M. Zakradze, Z. Natsvlishvili and Z. Sanikidze.
On One Approximate Method of the Conformal Mapping. (English), 120 (1999), 153-164


Table of Contents, v. 121, 1999

R. Bantsuri.
On One Mixed Type Boundary Value Problem of the Theory of Analytic Functions. (English), 121 (1999), 1-8
M. Esmaganbetov.
On Diameters in L2 of Classes of Differentiable Functions. (English), 121 (1999), 9-16
K. Gelashvili.
Ordinary Differential Equations in a Near-Semiring of Special Type. (English), 121 (1999), 17-62
U. Goginava.
On the Divergence of Trigonometric Fourier Series of the Class Hw Ç BV(p(n) ­ µ ). (English), 121 (1999), 63-70
R. Kurdiani.
Universal Central Extensions of Restricted Lie Algebras. (English), 121 (1999), 71-87
G. Lepsveridze.
On Order of Growth of Rectangular Integral Means of Summable Functions. (English), 121 (1999), 89-107
Sh. Makharadze.
Remarks on the Theory of Binary Relation Semigroups. (English), 121 (1999), 109-116
F. Mamedov.
On Two-Weighted Sobolev Inequality in Unbounded Domains. (English), 121 (1999), 117-123
V. Shevchik.
Remarks on Lp- Mapping Properties of a Model Semi-Elliptic Differential Operator. (English), 121 (1999), 125-134
D. Ugulava.
On the Approximation by Exponential Spherical Type Entire Functions in Some Hardy Spaces. (English), 121 (1999), 135-150


V. Kokilashvili.
On the Compactness of Potentials on HTS. (English), 121 (1999), 153-154
G. Lepsveridze.
A Note on the Strong Differentiability of Integrals Along Different Directions in Rn (n ³ 3). (English), 121 (1999), 155-156
G. Lepsveridze.
On Order of Growth of Rectangular Integral Means of Summable Functions from L(Rn) (n ³ 2). (English), 121 (1999), 157-158
Z. Meshveliani and V. Paatashvili.
On Harmonic Functions From Smirnov's Class. (English), 121 (1999), 159-160
A. Meskhi.
Criteria for the Boundedness and Compactness for the Generalized Riemann-Liouville Transform. (English), 121 (1999), 161-162
Sh. Tetunashvili.
On the Uniqueness of Double Function Series. (English), 121 (1999), 163-164


Table of Contents, v. 122, 2000

R. Absava and E. Nadaraya.
On quadratic measure of deviation of non-parametric estimation of the Gasser-Müller regression function. (English), 122 (2000), 1-14
J. M. Ash and G. Wang.
Sets of uniqueness of the power of the continuum. (English), 122 (2000), 15-19
G. Berikelashvili.
Finite difference schemes for elliptic equations with mixed boundary conditions. (English), 122 (2000), 21-31
A. Danelia.
On the deformation of the classes H(w; L(Tm)). (English), 122 (2000), 33-44
R. Gachechiladze.
Signorini's problem with friction for a layer in the couple-stress elasticity. (English), 122 (2000), 45-57
V. Kokilashvili and A. Meskhi.
Norms of positive operators on some cones of functions defined on measure spaces. (English), 122 (2000), 59-78
V. Kolesov and L. Shapakidze.
On transition near the intersection point of bifurcations in the flow between two rotating permeable cylinders. (English), 122 (2000), 79-91
S. Kukudzhanov.
Stability of orthotropic shells of revolution, close to cylindrical ones, with elastic filler under torsion. (English), 122 (2000), 93-104
G. Lepsveridze.
On the spherical divergence of double fourier-haar series. (English), 122 (2000), 105-123
G. Lominashvili and M. Shashiashvili.
The approximation to the value function of the optimal stopping problem by discretized variational inequalities. (English), 122 (2000), 125-136
A. Mosidze and Z. Tsigroshvili.
About the boundaries for the Mill's ratio. (English), 122 (2000), 137-158
B. Szal.
On the strong approximation by Fourier series in Lipschitz norms. (English), 122 (2000), 159-170


Table of Contents, v. 123, 2000

A. Danelia.
Deformations of the Z(w2; L(Tm)) Classes. (English), 123 (2000), 1-13
I. Dochviri.
On Some Properties of Semi-Compact and S-closed Bitopological Spaces. (English), 123 (2000), 15-22
O. Dzagnidze.
A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Differentiability Functions of Several Variables. (English), 123 (2000), 23-29
G. Kapanadze.
Boundary Value Problem of Plate Banding for a Finite Doubly-Connected Region. (English), 123 (2000), 31-40
L. Lazarashvili and M. Zakradze.
On the Method of Fundamental Solutions and Some Aspects of its Application. (English), 123 (2000), 41-51
G. Lomadze.
On the Number of Representations of Positive Integers by a Direct Sum of Quaternary Quadratic Forms with Discriminant 192. (English), 123 (2000), 53-59
Z. Meshveliani and V. Paatashvili.
On Smirnov Classes of Harmonic Functions, and the Dirichlet Problem. (English), 123 (2000), 61-91
Z. Natsvlishvili, Z. Sanikidze and M. Zakradze.
On Conformal Mapping of a Unit Disk onto a Finite Domain. (English), 123 (2000), 93-103
M. Okropiridze.
Symmetric Differentiability of Functions of Two Variables. (English), 123 (2000), 105-115
Y. Rakotondratsimba.
Two-Dimensional Discrete Hardy Operators in Weighted Lebesgue Spaces with Mixed Norms. (English), 123 (2000), 117-134
N. Shavlakadze.
Contact Problem of an Elastic Plane Strengthened by a Periodic System of Inclusions of Variable Rigidity. (English), 123 (2000), 135-146


E. Gordadze.
On the Boundary Value Problem of Linear Conjugation in the Case of Non-Smooth Lines and Some Measurable Coefficients. (English), 123 (2000), 149-151
G. Lepsveridze and D. Mchedlishvili.
Some Maximal Inequalities. (English), 123 (2000), 152-155
G. Lepsveridze.
A Note on the Divergence of the Fejer Means of Multiple Trigonometric Fourier Series. (English), 123 (2000), 156-158
G. Lepsveridze.
A note on the Zygmund's Problem of a Strong Differentiability. (English), 123 (2000), 159-161
A. Meskhi.
On the Measure of Non-Compactness and Singular Numbers for the Volterra Integral Operators. (English), 123 (2000), 162-165


Table of Contents, v. 124, 2000

A. Abramyan, V. Nogin and S. Samko.
Fractional Powers of the Operator -|x|2D in Lp-spaces, 124 (2000), 1-22
O. Dzagnidze.
On the Limit and Continuity of Functions of Several Variables, 124 (2000), 23-29
A. Dzhishkariani and A. Svanidze.
On the Residual Convergence in Projective and Projective-Iterative Methods, 124 (2000), 31-54
U. Goginava.
On the Uniform Summability of Two-Dimensional Trigonometric Fourier Series, 124 (2000), 55-72
N. Karapetiants and S. Samko.
Singular Integral Equations on the Real Line With a Fractional-Linear Carleman Shift, 124 (2000), 73-106
G. Khuskivadze and V. Paatashvili.
On the Boundedness of the Cauchy Singular Operator, 124 (2000), 107-114
N. Lazrieva and T. Toronjadze.
The Polyak Weighted Averaging Procedure for Robbins-Monro Type SDE, 124 (2000), 115-130
V. Tsagareishvili.
On the Fourier Coefficients for General Orthonormal Systems, 124 (2000), 131-50
D. Valcan.
On Some Homomorphisms of Direct Sums of Modules, 124 (2000), 151-162


Table of Contents, v. 125, 2001

G. Khimshiashvili
Signature Formulae for Topological Invariants, 125 (2001), 1-121


Table of Contents, v. 126, 2001

A. Baghdasaryan.
On One Approach to the Intersection Problem of Peetre, 126 (2001), 1-10
M. Benchohra and S. Ntouyas.
Existence Results on Noncompact Intervals for Functional Differential and Integrodifferential Inclusions in Banach Spaces, 126 (2001), 11-24
L. Gogolauri and N. Shavlakadze.
Contact Problem of Bending of a Rectangular Elastic Plate with an Elastic Inclusion, 126 (2001), 25-35
Z. Meshveliani.
The Neumann Problem in Domains with Piecewise Smooth Boundaries in Weight Classes of Harmonic Smirnov Type Functions, 126 (2001), 37-52
Z. Meshveliani and V. Paatashvili.
On the Dirichlet Problem in Smirnov Classes of Harmonic Functions, 126 (2001), 53-57
M. Mirianashvili and \framebox{Z. Samsonia.}
On the Calculation of Radii Connected with Some Quasi-conformal Mappings of Multiply-Connected Domains, 126 (2001), 59-64
O. Shindzhikashvili.
Application of the Methods of Analytic Functions to the Solution of Boundary Value Problems of Elasticity for a Non-homogeneous Half-plane, 126 (2001), 65-74
A. Tsitskishvili.
Solution of a Problem of the Theory of Filtration Through a Plane Earth Dam (Coffer-dam) when Water Depth in a Downstream can be Neglected, 126 (2001), 75-96


I. Bukhnikashvili.
On an Approximate Solution of the Linear Operator Equation by Richardson's Cyclic Method, 126 (2001), 99-102
I. Gabisonija.
The Boudedness of Discrete Operators in Weighted Spaces, 126 (2001), 103-105
E. Gordadze.
On One Consequence of the Theorem on Weights, 126 (2001), 106-109
T. Kandelaki.
Algebraic and Topological Bivariant KK-Theories of C*-Algebras and their isomorphism, 126 (2001), 110-112
G. Lepsveridze.
To the Categorial Saks Theorem, 126 (2001), 113-116
G. Lepsveridze.
On the Growth Order Integral Means Functions from Orlicz Class LF(L)(R2), 126 (2001), 117-118
A. Meskhi.
Criteria of the Boundedness and Compactness for the Riemann-Liouville Type Discrete Operators, 126 (2001), 119-121
G. Oniani.
On a Strong Differentiation of Multiple Integrals Along Different Frames, II, 126 (2001), 122-125
G. Oniani.
On the Fourier-Haar Series Convergence with Respect to Sets which are Homothetic to the Given Set, 126 (2001), 126-128
Sh. Tetunashvili.
On Polynomials with Respect to Some Orthogomal Systems, 126 (2001), 129


Table of Contents, v. 127, 2001

R. Absava and E. Nadaraya.
On the limit Distribution of Square Deviation of a Wide Class of Estimators of Functional Characteristics of the Observation Distribution Law, 127 (2001), 1-62
V. Baladze and L. Turmanidze.
On Uniform Shape Theory with Precompact Supports, 127 (2001), 63-75
G. Berikelashvili.
Finite Difference Schemes for Some Mixed Boundary Value Problems, 127 (2001), 77-87
T. Kandelaki.
Multiplier and Hilbert C*-categories, 127 (2001), 89-111
G. Lomadze.
On the Number of Representations of Positive Integers by the Quadratic Forms x12 + x22 +  4(x32 + ... + x92) and x12 + 4(x22 +  ... + x92), 127 (2001), 113-132


Table of Contents, v. 128, 2002

Ya. Diasamidze.
To the theory of the binary relation semigroups, 128 (2002), 1-15
Ya. Diasamidze.
Right units in the binary relation semigroups, 128 (2002), 17-36
O. Dzagnidze.
The continuity and the limit in the wide. Their connection with the continuity and limit, 128 (2002), 37-46
A. Karelin.
On the operator equality and some of its application, 128 (2002), 47-63
S. Kukudzhanov.
On the influence of boundary conditions on eigen oscillations and on stability of beforehand stressed orthotropic shells of revolution, close by their form to cylindrical ones, 128 (2002), 65-77
G. Lominashvili and M. Shashiashvili.
The approximation to the value function of the optimal stopping problem on a finite time interval by discretized variational inequalities, 128 (2002), 79-100
F. I. Mamedov.
Poincar type weight inequalities in domains with the condition of isoperimetric type, 128 (2002), 101-112
A. Tarasenko.
On the exceptional values of operator-valued functions with the derivative in the Hardy class, 128 (2002), 113-119
A. Tsitskishvili.
On the motion of underground waters towards a slope of an earth structure, 128 (2002), 121-146
I. Tsivtsivadze.
On derivatives of an indefinite double integral, 128 (2002), 147-154


Table of Contents, v. 129, 2002

O. Dzagnidze.
Unilateral in Various Senses: the Limit, Continuity, Partial Derivative and the Differential for Functions of Two Variables, 129 (2002), 1-15
P. Jain, L. Persson and A. Wedestig.
Multidimensional Cochran and Lee Type Inequalities with Weights, 129 (2002), 17-27
D. N. Karasev, V. A. Nogin.
Estimates for the Acoustic Potentials and their Application, 129 (2002), 29-51
M. Khabazi.
Modular Weighted Inequalities for Partial Sums of Fourier-Vilenkin Series, 129 (2002), 53-63
M. Khabazi.
The Mean Convergence of Trigonometric Fourier Series in Weighted Orlicz Classes, 129 (2002), 65-75
M. Khabazi.
Weighted Orlicz Class Inequalities for Certain Fourier Operators, 129 (2002), 77-86
N. Koblishvili and M. Zakradze.
On Approximate Solution of Dirichlet Problem in the Case of Infinite Plane with Hole, 129 (2002), 87-98
V. A. Nogin and S. G. Samko.
Inversion and Characterization of Riesz Potentials in Weighted Spaces Via Approximative Inverse Operators, 129 (2002), 99-106
M. Okropiridze.
On One Property of a Conjugate Trigonometric Series, 129 (2002), 107-111
A. Ya. Yakubov.
Classes of Functions of Pseudo-Concave Type and Their Applications, 129 (2002), 113-128
M. Zakradze.
On one Modified Version of MFS for Conformal Mapping of Infinite Domain onto Unit Disk, 129 (2002), 129-141


V. Kokilashvili and S. Samko.
Maximal and Fractional Operators in Weighted L p(x) Spaces, 129 (2002), 145-149
V. Kokilashvili and S. Samko.
Singular Integrals and Potentials in Some Banach Function Spaces with Variable Exponent, 129 (2002), 150-155
A. Meskhi.
On a Measure of Non-compactness for the Riesz Transforms, 129 (2002), 156-157
G. Oniani.
On the Non-compactness of Maximal Operators, 129 (2002), 158-159
G. Oniani.
On A1-Weights for Maximal Operators Corresponding to Translation Invariant Bases Formed of Intervals, 129 (2002), 160-162


Table of Contents, v. 130, 2002

R. Bantsuri.
On the Splitting of an Orthotropic Plane, 130 (2002), 1-6
N. Gamkrelidze and T. Shervashidze.
On a Local Limit Theorem for Lattice Distributions, 130 (2002), 7-22
H. Latipov and M. Sagatov.
On the Application of Qualitative Methods to Certain Problems of Natural Sciences, 130 (2002), 23-38
M. Mania and R. Tevzadze.
Backward Stochastic PDE and Hedging in Incomplete Markets, 130 (2002), 39-72
Sh. Mzhavanadze.
On One Problem of the Plane Theory of Elasticity with Partially Unknown Boundary, 130 (2002), 73-84
M. Okropiridze.
Radial Limits for Partial Derivatives of the Poisson Spherical Integral, 130 (2002), 85-100
O. Purtukhia.
Fubini Type Theorems for Ordinary and Stochastic Integrals, 130 (2002), 101-114
A. Saginashvili.
On Integral Equations with Fixed Singularities, 130 (2002), 115-124
M. Okropiridze.
On the Bifurcation of Viscous Flows Between two Permeable Cylinders in the Presence of a Transverse Pressure Gradient, 130 (2002), 125-132
D. Zeragia.
On Bifurcation of Equilibrium forms of a Bar Axis Under Complicated Resistance to Compression and Bending, 130 (2002), 133-138
G. Zhorzholiani.
On one Inverse Problem of the Plane Theory of Elasticity, 130 (2002), 139-144


Table of Contents, v. 131, 2003

R. Absava and E. Nadaraya.
On a Statistic for Testing the Hypothesis of the Equality of Several Distribution Densities, 131 (2003), 1-16
J. Marshall Ash.
Counterexample Without Cases, 131 (2003), 17-19
Ya. Diasamidze and Sh. Makharadze.
Maximal Subgroups of Complete Semi-groups of Binary Relations, 131 (2003), 21-38
P. Jain, P. K. Jain and B. Gupta.
On Certain Double Sized Integral Operators over Multidimensional Cones, 131 (2003), 39-60
V. Kokilashvili and S. Samko.
Singular Integral Equations in the Lebesgue Spaces with Variable Exponent, 131 (2003), 61-78
V. Tsagareishvili.
Absolute Convergence of the Fourier Series and the Fourier-Haar Coefficients, 131 (2003), 79-99


Z. Avaliani.
Maximal Subgroups of a Class of Semigroups of Binary Relations, 131 (2003), 103
T. Datuashvili.
Central Series for Groups With Action and Leibniz Algebras, 131 (2003), 104
Il. Diasamidze.
Semigroups $B_X(D)$ Defined by Finite $X$-Chains, 131 (2003), 105-106
Ya. Diasamidze and Il. Diasamidze.
Semigroups $B_X(D)$ Defined by Finite $X$-Chains, 131 (2003), 101-108
Ya. Diasamidze.
Irreducible Elements of the Semigroup $B_X(D)$, 131 (2003), 109-110
G. Donadze and N. Inassaridze.
Generalised Hopf Type Formulas, 131 (2003), 111-113
L. Esakia.
A Topological Interpretation of Provability Predicate in Peano Arithmetic and Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory, 131 (2003), 114-115
G. Fartenadze.
Semigroups $B_X(D)$ Determined by Join $X$-semilattices of Class $\Sigma_1(X,6)$, 131 (2003), 116
O. Givradze.
Some Properties of the Semigroup $B_X(D)$ Determined by a Semilattice of Class $\Sigma_1(X,4)$, 131 (2003), 117-120
O. Givradze.
The Number of Equivalences on a Finite Set, 131 (2003), 121-122
N. Inassaridze and E. Khmaladze.
Non-abelian (Co)Homology of Lie Algebras, 131 (2003), 123-125
G. Janelidze.
Protomodular and Semiabelian Categories, 131 (2003), 126-127
M. Jibladze.
Notions of Fibrewise Discreteness, 131 (2003), 128-129
T. Kadeishvili.
$A(\infty )$-algebras and Hochschild Cohomology, 131 (2003), 130-132
T. Kandelaki.
Vanishing of Hochschild, Cyclic and Periodic Homologies on the Category of Fredholm Modules, 131 (2003), 133-134
R. Katamadze.
Functorial Properties of Generalized Relative Cohomology Groups of Adamson-Hochschild Cohomologies, 131 (2003), 135-136
D. Khiladze.
Semigroups $B_X(D)$ Determined by Semilattices of Classes $\Sigma_3(X,4)$ and $\Sigma_4(X,4)$, 131 (2003), 137-138
T. Kvirikashvili and A. Lashkhi.
Perspective Maps over Rings, 131 (2003), 139-140
A. Lashkhi and I. Zimmermann.
$S$-minimal Non-nilpotent Lie Algebras, 131 (2003), 141-142
Sh. Makharadze.
Maximal Subgroups of Some Classes of Complete Semigroups of Binary Relations, 131 (2003), 143-144
Sh. Makharadze.
Regular Elements of the Semigroups $B_X(D)$ Determined by the Generalized Elementary $X$-Semilattices, 131 (2003), 145-147
A. Patchkoria.
Extensions of Semimodules and the Takahashi Functor $\Ext_\L(C,A)$, 131 (2003), 148-149
D. Zangurashvili.
The Strong Amalgamation Property and Codescent Morphisms, 131 (2003), 150


Table of Contents, v. 132, 2003

V. Baladze.
Fiber Shape Theory, 132 (2003), 1-70
A. Dzhishkariani and A. Svanidze.
One Version of Galerkin-Petrov's Method with Iterations, 132 (2003), 71-87
L. Ephremidze.
On the Ergodic Maximal Equality, 132 (2003), 89-92
N. Koblishvili, Z. Tabagari, and M. Zakradze.
Reduction of the Dirighlet Generalized Boundary Value Problem to an ordinary Problem for Harmonic Function, 132 (2003), 93-106
S. Kukudzhanov.
On the Influence of Meridional forces on eigen oscillations and Dynamical Stability of a Shell of Revolution which is by its From Close to a Cylindrical One, 132 (2003), 107-116
N. J. Mushkudiani.
On the Stability of Normalized Eigen-Element of a Nonlinear Operator in the Hilbert Space, 132 (2003), 117-125
O. Purtukhia.
An Extension of the Ocone-Haussmann-Clark Formula for a Class of Normal Martingales, 132 (2003), 127-136


O. Dzagnidze and G. Oniani.
On One Analogue of Lebesgue Theorem on The Differentiation of Indefinite Integral for Functions of Several Variables, 132 (2003), 139-140
L. Ephremidze.
On a Relationship Between the Integrabilities of Various Ergodic Maximal Functions, 132 (2003), 141-142
G. Khuskivadze and V. Paatashvili.
Zaremba's Problem in One Class of Harmonic Functions, 132 (2003), 143-147
V. Kokilashvili.
Two-Weighted Estimates for Fourier Multipliers in Lebesgue Spaces, 132 (2003), 148-149
G. Oniani.
On the Relation Between Conditions of the Differentiability and Existence of the Strong Gradient, 132 (2003), 150-151
T. Zerekidze.
On One Problem of the Theory of Differentiation of Integrals, 132 (2003), 152-154


Table of Contents, v. 133, 2003

O. Dzagnidze and G. Oniani.
On one Analogue of Lebesgue Theorem on the Differentiation of Indefinite Integral for Functions of Several Variables, 133 (2003), 1-6
Charaf Bensouda and Mohamed El Kadiri.
Approximation Biharmoniques sur les Compacts, 133 (2003), 7-20
R. Gachechiladze.
Exterior Problems with Friction in the Couple-Stress Elasticity, 133 (2003), 21-36
D. Gubelidze.
On a Generalized Solution of the Second Order Degenerate Elliptic Equation in an Angular Domain, 133 (2003), 37-62
B. Midodashvili.
Boundary Value Problems for one Class of Hyperbolic Equations with Multiple Characteristics, 133 (2003), 63-74
G. Meladze and T. Toronjadze.
On the Innovation of Continuous Multidimensional Semimartingale. I. General Concepts, 133 (2003), 75-88
G. Meladze and T. Toronjadze.
On the Innovation of Continuous Multidimensional Semimartingale. II. The Bayesian Model, 133 (2003), 89-108
L. Rempulska and Z. Walczak.
On Modified Baskakov Operators, 133 (2003), 109-118
T. Zerekidze.
Differentiation of Integrals by Bases of Type $\Pi$, 133 (2003), 119-130
T. Zerekidze.
The Solution of One Problem of the Theory of Differentiation of Integrals, 133 (2003), 131-156


N. Mushkudiani.
Some Problems of Stability of an Eigen Element, 133 (2003), 159-164
Sh. T. Tetunashvili.
On one N. Bary's Conjecture, 133 (2003), 164-165
T. Zerekidze.
On the Equivalence and Nonequivalence of some Differential Bases, 133 (2003), 166-170